At Adventure Gym, we are thrilled to welcome a variety of groups for an exciting and engaging field trip experience. Whether you are from a public school, preschool, daycare, moms group, or support group, we have a fun-filled day waiting for you!


Field Trip Details

– Cost:$15 per child for 2 to 2.5 hours of fun and learning.

Minimum Count:

– Public Schools: No minimum child count required.

  – Other Groups: Minimum of 8 children.


What to Expect

During your field trip, activities will rotate every 15-20 minutes, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for all children. Our structured yet flexible program includes:

– Sensory Play:Stimulate the senses with hands-on activities.

– STEAM Activities: Explore science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in fun ways.

– Crafts: Unleash creativity with various craft projects.

– Games:Enjoy a variety of games that promote physical activity and teamwork.

– Free Play:Children can enjoy unstructured playtime in our safe and welcoming environment.

Inclusive and Supportive

We believe every child deserves to enjoy the fun of a field trip, regardless of financial circumstances. If there is a child in your group who needs a scholarship, just let us know. We don’t need to know the specific child or circumstance, ensuring privacy while providing support. If there are other ways we can assist, please feel free to share!

To help children who may need additional support during transitions, we have a stop light visual aid, ensuring all children can transition comfortably and confidently. In the back of the gym you’ll find our “Space Room” which was designed with sound dampening insulation, has a sound machine, light projector, fidgets, chewies, weighted blankets & toys, head phones, and we are always happy to add to our closet for things littles need while in the gym!

Our program is very child led and play based.


Ready to Book Your Field Trip?

We can’t wait to welcome your group for a memorable field trip! For bookings or more information, please contact us at