Our Classes

Explorers Time

This is our “free play” class exclusive to members. Bring your little in and let them enjoy at their own pace, kind of like going to the park. 

FREE Community Story Time

Welcome to Community Story Time, a free program offered three times weekly to all families in our community. We’re dedicated to nurturing a love for reading, fostering educational growth, and building meaningful relationships through captivating tales and shared experiences. Any contributions during these sessions go towards supporting a local charity, reinforcing our commitment to caring for our community. Join us in creating a space where education, reading, and relationships flourish together.

All Ages Adventures

This is an open ages structured class for children 3 months-8 years. Great for coming with cousins and neighbors of different ages.

Mini Movers

Age appropriate class for littles under 2

Tiny Trekkers

Age appropriate class littles 2-4

Elementary Explorers

Age Appropriate structured class for K-3

Mission Steam

Age appropriate class for kids 2-8 years

Each week we will complete a STEAM challenge that coordinates with that months theme. 

Bendy Bodies

Age Appropriate class for 2-8 years

We will stretch our bodies, learn very basic tumbling and trampoline skills. This is a yoga meets tumbling class, but is strictly for fun and getting energy out.

Beat Bounce

Age Appropriate for ages 2-8

Join us as we dance with ribbon sticks, play dancing games, and explore different styles and speeds of music to dance and move our bodies to.

*This is not a dance class where they learn dance technique.

Volcano Visitors
5 years- 8 years

Volcano Visitors Jr

2 years- 4 years


Challenge and cheer on your little one each week as they work their way through ever changing obstacle courses. Watch your little ones confidence soar as they work their way around obstacles each week.

Craft Quest
Crafting class for children 5 years-8 years
Craft Quest Jr.
Crafting class for children 2 years-4 years

Join us as we make snow-globes, dye rice, paint planters, build race cars and so much more!


This is NOT an art class, if that is what you are looking for check out Ad Lib Arts. Mrs. Connie is wonderful!

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